Framing Digital Scholarly Communication at HASTAC V

Just a quick note that I’ll be attending the 2011 HASTAC International Conference on December 1st through the 3rd in Ann Arbor, where I’ll be demoing a Drupal-based, Geoserver+PostGIS-backed solution for collaborative production and presentation of digital humanities scholarship.  The demo is titled “The Marriage of Standards and Access: Centralized Services as a Tool for Collaboration, Publication and Curation” the title of which is a play on the name of one of the demos, which focuses on the marriage of early 17th century elites and follows a more Spatial Humanities method of presenting and interpreting historical data.  I’ll also be showing off the same technology being used to facilitate class collaboration in the production and analysis of more traditional historical GIS research for Walter Scheidel’s Shape of the Ancient World course.  If I’m lucky, there may also be a third demo of the technology that will introduce some new elements by that point.  The strategic focus of the demo is to make enticing, centralized services that can then be used to promote standards in data management, publication and peer review.

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