Authorial London

The historic map view from Authorial London

The Authorial London application was implemented as an update for Dr. Martin Evan’s original Authorial London, a Student’s Guide. The site is built with Flex and accesses narrative, image and geolocational data stored in a simple MySQL database. The purpose of the update was to give students the ability to see the spatial overlap of various authors who lived in and traveled through London over the last 600 years. Dr. Evans’ narratives were broken into paragraphs and associated with the particular author as well as with the original site and also with the various locations mentioned in the narrative. This way, when an icon on the map is clicked on, one not only sees any images associated with that location, but also part of any narrative associated with that location, with an indication as to which individual’s narrative that paragraph is drawn from. Related authors are also presented on the left, so that one could jump directly to that author. The locations associated with each author accumulate on the map, which can take the shape of either a street map of London, a satellite map of the city or a historic map from 1843, rectified and tiled to appear within the application.

If you have any questions or comments about the content of the site, please contact Dr. Martin Evans at or, if your question pertains to the technology behind the site, please contact Elijah Meeks at


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