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The Digital Humanities as Accidental Plagiarism

Karl Grossner, my colleague here at Stanford who I work with supporting digital humanities research, got a chance to read my previous post on geospatial information visualization. Karl’s got a PhD in geography and a bit of experience with geospatial … Continue reading

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The Journal of Digital Humanities came out with Vol. 1 No. 3 today, which includes three articles about ORBIS. Two of these are written by Karl Grossner and myself, and consist of an introduction to ORBIS and an examination of … Continue reading

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The Digital Humanities as a Journal (of)

The inaugural edition of the Journal of the Digital Humanities is now online, and includes an article by me in the Conversations section titled Digital Humanities as Thunderdome. I will resist posting a photo of Tina Turner and Mel Gibson so as … Continue reading

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Building a Scholarly Digital Object

I’ve been exposed to a lot of exciting digital humanities research since I came to Stanford, both in the formal projects I’ve been brought in on to support and in consultation with and exposure to ongoing research by various individual … Continue reading

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Models as Product, Process and Publication

In building a transportation network for the Roman Empire and integrating it into a model of movement in the Roman Empire, I’ve found that the shift from creating, annotating and analyzing archives to modeling systems can have a profound impact … Continue reading

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Framing Digital Scholarly Communication at HASTAC V

Just a quick note that I’ll be attending the 2011 HASTAC International Conference on December 1st through the 3rd in Ann Arbor, where I’ll be demoing a Drupal-based, Geoserver+PostGIS-backed solution for collaborative production and presentation of digital humanities scholarship.  The … Continue reading

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Reason with the Grue

Christian Swinehart has quietly produced a beautiful and digitally rich exploration of choose your own adventure (cyoa) books that should serve as a model for the production of digital scholarly media.  He begins with a small corpus, only twelve books–a … Continue reading

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What the Digital Humanities needs to learn from Google Wave

The Office of Digital Humanities at the NEH just released a new study analyzing the efficacy of their Digital Humanities grant program.  The response of SUG recipients was uniformly positive and they described the program as “hugely successful”.  But a … Continue reading

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