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Population Intensification, Agricultural Intensification, Ecological Degradation, the Game

Looking back over some old notes of mine, I was reminded that I made this game in Flash three years ago: You control a small early historical site surrounded by virgin woodland. The forest provides lumber, but if you burn … Continue reading

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Reason with the Grue

Christian Swinehart has quietly produced a beautiful and digitally rich exploration of choose your own adventure (cyoa) books that should serve as a model for the production of digital scholarly media.¬† He begins with a small corpus, only twelve books–a … Continue reading

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The MMORPG Spring?

Massively multiplayer games have seen all manner of recapitulation of real-world emergent phenomena within their simulated realms (sometimes fostered and sometimes entirely unintended).¬† But now, Rock, Paper Shotgun is reporting an on-line riot in the science fiction shooter MMORPG Eve … Continue reading

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Digital Echoes at AAS

Despite my earlier negativity, there was some digital at the AAS conference in Honolulu after all. ¬†Interspersed with the classic close reading of historical texts filed away in various archives, I saw a few hints at how digital objects and, … Continue reading

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