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Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship

On Friday, I gave a talk for a Bay Area Teacher Development Collaborative workshop entitled “Technology for Teaching and Learning:What’s Worthwhile? What’s the Next Chapter?” I was asked to speak, broadly, on the role of digital humanities in middle school … Continue reading

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Learning Network Analysis and Representation with a Pedagogical Toy

This tool runs best in Chrome and Safari In the coming weeks, I’ll be teaching several workshops on humanities network analysis and representation using Gephi: Here at Stanford for Hist 10W: Visualizing Evidence At UC Berkeley for the D-Lab At … Continue reading

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Humanities CMS

It’s a good time to be humanities scholar in need of a complex content management system. While WordPress in all its convenience and glory will always be there for the writer who simply wants to write and publish digitally, there … Continue reading

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Drupal for Humanists

Quinn Dombrowski and I are writing a manual on using the Drupal 7 CMS for digital humanities projects.  Titled unimaginatively Drupal for Humanists, it is meant to provide first an understanding of how to install and configure Drupal and then … Continue reading

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The Marriage of Standards and Access: Centralized Services as a Tool for Collaboration, Publication and Curation

Today at the HASTAC V conference, I’ll be demoing the spatially-enabled Drupal sites I’ve been developing here at Stanford and the Geoserver+PostGIS backend that these sites point to.  I’m going to post the text and images from the accompanying poster … Continue reading

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Post Your Graphs with gexf-js

While tools like Gephi allow for easy manipulation and examination of a network, to present such networks you’ll invariably need to export it into a more accessible form.  This can be accomplished using vector imagery, such as PDF; or static … Continue reading

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Visualization of Network Distance

I’ve just finished my first Gephi plugin, which distorts a geographically laid out network to emphasize network distance. The NBM can be found here and the source code is on GitHub. The layout takes the XY coordinates of the node … Continue reading

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Animating Networks in Gephi

I thought I’d give a brief overview of the process I’ve been using to build the Gephi network animations I’ve been posting recently.  It’s pretty crude, right now–basically you just run a layout or transformation for a single tick and … Continue reading

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Yet Another Gephi Workshop

In my ongoing effort to make sure that everyone in the known world is capable of drawing the most aesthetically pleasing circles with lines connecting them, I’ll be holding another Intro to Gephi workshop at Stanford University in Meyer Library … Continue reading

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THATCamp SF Gephi Workshop

UPDATE: Here’s a Google Spreadheet to build a sample edge list, add the company/university you’re affiliated with and a few people you know that are at today’s THATCamp. In preparation for tomorrow’s workshop, here are the necessary links and material: … Continue reading

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