Elijah Meeks works as the digital humanities specialist at Stanford University. The Digital Humanities Specialist position was created to give Stanford faculty access to project design, visualization and software development oriented toward the creation of digital scholarly media. While a formal proposal process is in place for quarterly projects involving scholars or teams of scholars, informal consultation is regularly available.

The Digital Humanities as a field has been growing in legitimacy and importance within the academy. The use of spatial analytical tools to study historic change, text mining to discover literary trends, databases to track demography or artifacts, and even games to better explore complex dynamic phenomena are just some examples of the digital humanities. The rising importance of standards for peer review in the creation of scholarly digital media necessitates a focus not only on technical innovation but also on rigorous documentation and definition of the claims presented within the digital work itself.

If you have any questions regarding project proposals or informal consultations, please contact me at emeeks@stanford.edu

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