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The Cutting Room Floor

The recent release of City Nature leaves behind several static, dynamic, and interactive pieces that, for one reason or another, were not integrated into the final site. One of the reasons I created this blog was to showcase the work … Continue reading

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Learning Network Analysis and Representation with a Pedagogical Toy

This tool runs best in Chrome and Safari In the coming weeks, I’ll be teaching several workshops on humanities network analysis and representation using Gephi: Here at Stanford for Hist 10W: Visualizing Evidence At UC Berkeley for the D-Lab At … Continue reading

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Introducing ORBIS|via

The following also appears in the Applying page of ORBIS. ORBIS|via: A Situated Perspective of a Transportation Network Based on Computer Gaming Principles ORBIS|via can bee seen at The initial response to the release of ORBIS: The Stanford Geospatial … Continue reading

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Population Intensification, Agricultural Intensification, Ecological Degradation, the Game

Looking back over some old notes of mine, I was reminded that I made this game in Flash three years ago: You control a small early historical site surrounded by virgin woodland. The forest provides lumber, but if you burn … Continue reading

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May 2nd ORBIS Slides

My slides for the talk I’m giving today.

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The Digital Humanities as a Part of the New Aesthetic

When Ian Bogost and Mike Migurski both mention the same term in close chronological proximity, I feel the need to pay attention. Of course, the one thinks it’s more fodder for taking seriously the personhood of objects (so much so … Continue reading

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A Model of and for Digital Publication

As the digital humanities produces new methods of research, so does it produce new forms in which that research can be published. Rather than just using linear narrative text to present their theories, humanities scholars can create rich, digital scholarly … Continue reading

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Rome’s World:A Digital Translation of the Peutinger Table

Four years ago, when I was a graduate student at UC Merced, I presented some of my research exploring the effect of environmental change on state formation in Sandai China using spatial analysis.  The conference was a small affair focused … Continue reading

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