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Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship

On Friday, I gave a talk for a Bay Area Teacher Development Collaborative workshop entitled “Technology for Teaching and Learning:What’s Worthwhile? What’s the Next Chapter?” I was asked to speak, broadly, on the role of digital humanities in middle school … Continue reading

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Learning Network Analysis and Representation with a Pedagogical Toy

This tool runs best in Chrome and Safari In the coming weeks, I’ll be teaching several workshops on humanities network analysis and representation using Gephi: Here at Stanford for Hist 10W: Visualizing Evidence At UC Berkeley for the D-Lab At … Continue reading

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Population Intensification, Agricultural Intensification, Ecological Degradation, the Game

Looking back over some old notes of mine, I was reminded that I made this game in Flash three years ago: You control a small early historical site surrounded by virgin woodland. The forest provides lumber, but if you burn … Continue reading

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Drupal for Humanists

Quinn Dombrowski and I are writing a manual on using the Drupal 7 CMS for digital humanities projects.  Titled unimaginatively Drupal for Humanists, it is meant to provide first an understanding of how to install and configure Drupal and then … Continue reading

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Learning, Design and Technology Expo 2011

Tomorrow is the public exhibition of the final projects for the Learning, Design and Technology program here at Stanford.  I’ve been asked to be one of the reviewers of the projects, which include learning games, map-based teaching tools, museum aids … Continue reading

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The Digital Humanities as Hackerspace

Today is the first attempt at creating a Humanities Hackerspace here at Stanford.  I’ll be joining Ryan Heuser, hacker and lab manager for the Literary Lab, and the possibility of more Stanford alt-ac types (like Academic Technology Specialists Matt Jockers … Continue reading

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Another Gephi Workshop

I’ll be hosting a second Gephi Workshop at Noisebridge in San Francisco on May 18th at 6:30PM.  Space is limited–you can find more details here.

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Waiting for Godot, the Video Game

Updated to add: Zach Chandler just noted something of the reverse of what I describe below in that game designers are also looking to humanists. As he explains: Cécile Alduy, Associate Professor of French, a specialist in Renaissance poetics, has … Continue reading

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When the mouse was in my hand, the cigarette flew away

The Digital Humanities is a big tent, and includes analysis of how digital communication has affected traditional society.  I couldn’t help thinking about this as I was watching one of my favorite actors, Shammi Kapoor, in the process of putting … Continue reading

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