The MMORPG Spring?

Massively multiplayer games have seen all manner of recapitulation of real-world emergent phenomena within their simulated realms (sometimes fostered and sometimes entirely unintended).  But now, Rock, Paper Shotgun is reporting an on-line riot in the science fiction shooter MMORPG Eve On-line.

In humanity's grimdark future, only those with access to plasma cannons are afforded the right to assemble

What RPS is describing alternately as a riot or protest.

Eurogamer is  describing the symbolic attack on an indestructible in-game monument as “direct action”, though I would imagine given the controls in place by the developers that a more Miltonian phrase would be in order.  It seems that the game’s developers have begun to introduce charges for developer access to the APIs and rather significantly-priced in-game clothing as well as micro-payment structures for in-game features and items.

No word yet as to whether there’s a stamp tax in the works.

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