The Digital Humanities as Hackerspace

Today is the first attempt at creating a Humanities Hackerspace here at Stanford.  I’ll be joining Ryan Heuser, hacker and lab manager for the Literary Lab, and the possibility of more Stanford alt-ac types (like Academic Technology Specialists Matt Jockers and Zach Chandler) every Thursday until the end of the summer at Stanford’s Lit Lab ( 4th floor of Margaret Jacks).

So, if you’re around Stanford and interested in text analysis, spatial analysis, network analysis, visualization, animation, ArcGIS, QGIS, Geoserver, OpenLayers, Drupal, Gephi, Python, PHP, Actionscript, Java, Javascript, MorphAdorner, MALLET, topic networks, dramatic networks, demographics, spatial humanities, distant reading, Culturomics, ngrams or if you just want to see the massive ego network of Matt Jockers, stop on by.

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2 Responses to The Digital Humanities as Hackerspace

  1. Scott says:

    Any chance this will continue into the fall?

    • Elijah Meeks says:

      I don’t know, Scott. We’re running it ad hoc just to see if there’s any interest and whether it could work out. There’s a possibility of a new collaborative space opening up here at Stanford that may prove to be a possible venue. I think it all depends on whether it proves to be a useful concept to folks.