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What does all this show?

Here’s a detailed and interesting article by Dan Brickley about using Apache Mahout and Gephi to map non-standard networks and use traditional network analysis methods to better understand them. Nodes are books, links are strong similarity measures. Node labels are … Continue reading

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Hacking Networks in the Humanities

Hacking, it seems, is in the air. Dan Cohen has announced the edited version of Hacking the Academy, here at Stanford we’ve finished up with our Humanities Hackerspace experiment, and another Bay Area THATCamp (where I’ll be officially giving a … Continue reading

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Beautiful Maps

Last night, Trulia hosted a small event in San Francisco showcasing beautiful cartography.  It included presentations by a host of smart people, including Mike Migurski, whose Modest Maps API has been very good to me, and Julie Sweetkind-Singer, who directs … Continue reading

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Is there Life on Twitter?

Updated to include a legend, as per advice from Scott Weingart. A collection of 15 different microorganisms found swimming through twitter recently.  Each component is a collection of tweets and users (though the small, round clusters have only one user) … Continue reading

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Finding the Fibonacci Apple

I saw this beautiful examination of the Apple logo via The Endeavor: And noticed the remark, “Updated with the original source, Thiago Barcelos…”  Originally, I thought this was an admission by the original poster that they purposefully hadn’t the cited … Continue reading

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