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Models as Product, Process and Publication

In building a transportation network for the Roman Empire and integrating it into a model of movement in the Roman Empire, I’ve found that the shift from creating, annotating and analyzing archives to modeling systems can have a profound impact … Continue reading

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Adventures in Georectification – Mobile Edition

While attempting to reconstruct the road from Mounesis to Coptos, I found the need to place a Barrington Atlas map into GIS.  Naturally, the solution was to take a photograph with it from my phone and email it to myself … Continue reading

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Infoviz and New Literacies

Melissa Terras’ recent visual summary of the Digital Humanities has brought attention to the growing vibrancy (and budgets) of the DH community.  It also feeds the cycle of debate about the efficacy, role and usefulness of visual display of information, … Continue reading

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