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What does all this show?

Here’s a detailed and interesting article by Dan Brickley about using Apache Mahout and Gephi to map non-standard networks and use traditional network analysis methods to better understand them. Nodes are books, links are strong similarity measures. Node labels are … Continue reading

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Massaging the Media

Marshall McLuhan would be a very spry 100 by now, and in honor of that centennial, I thought I’d dig up an old tetrad I built, try to explain it in a little more detail, and then focus on what … Continue reading

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Reason with the Grue

Christian Swinehart has quietly produced a beautiful and digitally rich exploration of choose your own adventure (cyoa) books that should serve as a model for the production of digital scholarly media.  He begins with a small corpus, only twelve books–a … Continue reading

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An Interview with Tarn Adams

This is a repost of my interview with Tarn Adams, creator of Dwarf Fortress, a quirky and absurdly complex game that inspires enormous devotion among its fans–one of the most interesting examples of which is Matul Remrit, a collaboration between … Continue reading

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Interview with Andrew Hussie, Creator of Homestuck

I recently interviewed Andrew Hussie, the creator of Problem Sleuth and Homestuck at MS Paint Adventures. In my continuing belief that digital humanities scholars can learn practical and theoretical lessons from avant garde digital artists, I’m posting that interview here. … Continue reading

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