Opera Collaborations in the Early 18th Century

A view of the collaboration between composer Guiseppe Maria Orlandini and librettist Benedetto Pasqualigo

This is a small piece of a larger dataset of operas, their composers, librettists, theatres of performance and dedicatees from the 17th and early 18th century.  As I was sifting through the modules identified by network analysis, I came upon this small, tidy view into the past.  From 1718 to 1729, Guiseppe Maria Orlandini composed eleven operas, playing in San Samuele, San Giovanni Grisostomo, and San Cassiano.  He worked with seven librettists but of those, each only once except for Benedetto Pasqualigo, whom he worked with five times (at least, according to attribution).  Of his eleven operas, four were dedicated but only the mysterious “G.A.G.”, the dedicatee for Orlandini’s first opera, has nothing else dedicated.

Updated to add a perhaps slightly better known Antonio Vivaldi, showing his 2nd degree network in the form of a tag cloud:

Antonio Vivaldi's network of places, operas, dedicatees and collaborators

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