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The Digital Humanities as Legacy

Roberto Busa died on Monday.  He was 97.  My first exposure to the old Jesuit was the foreword to A Companion to Digital Humanities, where he wrote of the grace of God in the invention of magnetic media.  Busa’s “Perspectives … Continue reading

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The Digital Humanities as Hackerspace

Today is the first attempt at creating a Humanities Hackerspace here at Stanford.  I’ll be joining Ryan Heuser, hacker and lab manager for the Literary Lab, and the possibility of more Stanford alt-ac types (like Academic Technology Specialists Matt Jockers … Continue reading

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Reason with the Grue

Christian Swinehart has quietly produced a beautiful and digitally rich exploration of choose your own adventure (cyoa) books that should serve as a model for the production of digital scholarly media.  He begins with a small corpus, only twelve books–a … Continue reading

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Topic Networks in Proust

Back in March, Jeff Drouin used my topic network technique and script to build a topic network for Proust.  Unlike my own technique-heavy and interpretation-light demonstration of topic networks, though, Jeff actually spends some time looking at the words that … Continue reading

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