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Finish my PhD in 13 months?

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln, not content with stealing Matt Jockers from Stanford, is hiring more Digital Humanities faculty. That’s pretty cool.

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A Map to Nowhere

The mayor of Salt Lake City recently took issue with his city being described as significantly smaller and less connected than London. There are many ways to gauge importance from a social and cultural sense, such as calculating the centrality … Continue reading

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How the UVA Crisis Can Help Us Break Out of the Upgrade Path

This year’s eyeo festival focused not on beautiful information, or on amazing new visualization libraries, or data transformation techniques, but rather, as Megan Miller put it, on failure and slow data. That’s horrible, isn’t it? It’s wrong, or at least … Continue reading

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CC-BY for Icons?!?!

I just submitted a few nouns to the Noun Project, which is the right thing to do considering I’m using a few of their nouns in a new project. When you submit your icons to NP, you have two options: … Continue reading

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A Week’s Worth of Travel in the Roman World

ORBIS: The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World has been up and running for a week now and the response has been simply incredible. While we all expected it to be well-received, especially among the particular scholarly community … Continue reading

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The Curmudgeon Club

My post tying digital humanities to The New Aesthetic caused a bit of consternation, and forced me to take a closer look at the movement. Matthew Battles gives the best overview that I’ve read so far, and reminds me of … Continue reading

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My Day of DH – Pernicious Collaboration

I took part in the Day of DH yesterday, though not as vigorously as I did last year. Here is the Day of Elijah Meeks, in case you’re really, really interested. The post of mine I thought the most valuable … Continue reading

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A Year in Review

Images uploaded to this site, by month, using an automatic collage creator. January February March April May June July August September October November December

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TVTropes Pt 2: Trope (But Not Troper) Communities

Part 1: The Weird Geometry of the Internet Part 3: If you liked Dwarf Fortress, you’ll love Twilight: Breaking Dawn Example of Thematic Relationships I received quite a few comments about the last article, most of which I haven’t approved, … Continue reading

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